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  • Examples of my retro cuisine. Copyright for all photographs is attributed to ’20th Century Crush’ (unless otherwise specified).
  • Below are a selection of my broadcast media credits.
  • A selection of media clips can be found here.

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BBC South Today with Sally Taylor. Armistice 100th Anniversary show. Live broadcast from Bovington Tank Museum, November 2018.


‘Tony Robinson’s V.E. Day: Minute-by-Minute’. Discovery UK/Woodcut Media. May 2020.

Discovery Channel


  • BBC News Channel (Featured Contributor, May, 2020). V.E. Day 75 Anniversary News Special – street party food from 1945.
  • Tony Robinson’s VE Day: Minute by Minute (Discovery Channel/Woodcut Media). Major documentary, commemorating the 75th Anniversary of V.E. Day, 8th May, 1945. (Featured Contributor/Historical Consultant/Food Historian for Drama Reconstructions, May, 2020);
  • South Today (BBC South) (Featured Contributor, August, 2019). Short film commemorating the 40th anniversary of the death of Lord Mountbatten;
  • BBC East/BBC South/BBC News Channel (research contribution, June, 2019). D-Day 75th Anniversary. Short film by Shaun Peel on two QAIMNS nurses, Sister Dorothy Anyta Field and Sister Molly Evershed;
  • South Today (BBC South) (Presenter/Commentator, November 2018). Armistice 100th Anniversary programme. Live broadcast from Bovington Tank Museum with Sally Taylor;
  • Inside Out (BBC South East) (Featured Contributor, November, 2018). ‘World War One Widows’;
  • BBC News (BBC South East) (Featured Contributor, November 2018). ‘World War One Widows.’;
  • BBC News (BBC South East) (Historical Consultant for news coverage of ‘The 70273 Project’ in Rochester Cathedral, World War Two Holocaust community memorial project, November 2017);
  • Inside Out (BBC South East) (credited research contribution, BBC One, September 2017). ‘The Great Southern UFO Hoax of 1967.’;
  • That’s Solent TV, regular live studio guest and on location Historical Consultant/Contributor. (Freeview Ch. 7, April 2015-December 2016);
  • Inside Out (BBC South East) (Featured Contributor, BBC One, October 2015). ‘1930s Britain: The Sultan and The Showgirl’;
  • Inside Out (BBC South East) (Contributor, BBC One, January 2015). ‘1960’s Britain: The 50th Anniversary of Winston Churchill’s Death.’;
  • Weekend Kitchen With Waitrose (Channel 4) (credited research contribution, S2 Ep10, Spun Gold, November 2014) ‘Historic Christmas Food.’;
  • World War One At Home: The Spies Who Loved Folkestone  (BBC One & Four) with author Anthony Horowitz (credited research contribution, June & October 2014);
  • The End of The Pier Show (BBC One & Four) (Featured Contributor, March 2014, further clips);
  • Gino’s Italian Escape (ITV 1) (uncredited research contribution, S1 Ep6, October 2013);
  • Food Glorious Food (ITV 1) (featured contributor, S1 Ep4, Optomen, March 2013).
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BBC News (South East). ‘A Mother’s Story’, short film about WW1’s war widows. November 2018.
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BBC Radio Berkshire – The Sarah Walker Morning Show, WW1 food rationing. November 2018.


  • Bridgitte Tetteh Morning Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, August 2022) – ‘Women’s football history & legal and social milestones in women’s emancipation’;
  • Breakfast Show with Mike Zeller (BBC Radio Cumbria, October 2020). ‘Crime, law-breaking and rule following on the Home Front in WW2.’;
  • Michelle Jordan Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, September 2020). ‘Living in the Victorian Era.’;
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, September 2020). ‘History of British Dining & Luncheon Voucher Scheme.’;
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, August 2020). ‘The Rise and Fall of the Pineapple’;
  • Phil Kennedy Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, 8th May 2020). ‘Creating party food for a virtual V.E. Day event during lockdown.’;
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, 5th May 2020). ‘V.E. Day 1945 – cooking on the ration and street parties.’;
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, March 2020). ‘Corvid-19 impact upon food supply chains. What can we learn about food rationing in WW1/WW2 to help us now?’;
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, January 2020). ‘Foods the British are falling out of love with.’;
  • Bridgitte Tetteh Morning Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, January 2020) – ‘New Year’s Traditions’;
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, July 2019). ‘History of royal banquets and feasting’;
  • Trish Adudu’s Breakfast Show (BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire, June, 2019). ‘Role of women in D-Day 1944’;
  • Julian Clegg’s Breakfast Show (BBC Radio Solent, June, 2019). ‘D-Day 75th Anniversary. Hampshire’s role in D-Day 1944’;
  • BBC Radio Solent (June, 2019) -‘Southampton’s role in D-Day’. Eleven pre-recorded vignettes re-telling Southampton’s D-Day story. Broadcast at regular intervals between 2nd and 9th June;
  • BBC Radio Solent (June, 2019) – ‘D-Day 75th Anniversary – Southampton’s Role in the D-Day Invasion.’ Pre-recorded documentary.
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, April 2019). ‘The history of Easter food and Easter dishes from around the world.’;
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, December 2018 – on location, live from Highclere Castle ‘Downton Abbey Christmas Special – Edwardian food.’);
  • Sarah Walker Show (BBC Radio Berkshire, November 2018, ‘WW1 home front and food rationing.’);
  • Georgey Spanswick Show (BBC Local Radio, July 2017, ‘Dinner parties making a comeback’);
  • Mark Forrest Show (BBC Local Radio, January 2017, ‘The office culture of cake consumption.’);
  • Good Morning Wales (BBC Radio Wales, May 2016, ‘WW2 home front, food rationing and diet.’);
  • Mark Forrest Show (BBC Local Radio, December 2015, ‘History of Christmas food.’);
  • Simon Mayo Drivetime (BBC Radio Two, July 2015, ‘History of retro pudding, blancmange.’).
BBC Radio Berkshire – Sarah Walker Morning Show. ‘Downton Abbey Christmas Special’. Broadcast live from Highclere Castle. December 2018.


  • Hampshire HistBites (Winchester Heritage Open Days). ‘V.E. Day 1945 and Street Parties.’ (Season 1, Ep. 3, September 2020);
  • Near 90.3FM (Dublin). Podcast hosted by Berni Dwan: ‘A-Z of Historical Blunders: S – The Role of Sugar and the Slave Trade.’ (September, 2019);
  • The George Lamb Show (Little Grey Wolf for Apple iTunes, Ep 37, January 2015). Starts 25 minutes in:

‘You’re Amazing’ feature article. Asda’s Good Living magazine. February 2016.




  • St. Barbe Museum & Art Gallery (The Reel Media Deal Production Company, 2014);
  • Mu Collective (Portland Street, Southampton) ‘Gilbert’s Bookshop: A History’. Historical Consultant/Producer for a short film about the history of an iconic local bookshop and the surrounding area.
natalie and i
BBC Inside Out (South East), ‘Unknown Warrior’ documentary, discussing war widows with Presenter, Natalie Graham. On location in Herne Bay, Kent. November 2018.


  • ‘V.E. Day Virtual Party’. Street party food from 1945 and Home Front history. Collaboration with Martin Jakeman, Artistic Director of theatre company, Historical Huzzahs. (May, 2020).
  • ‘Dining at Downton’, 1920’s food, popular brands and kitchen equipment demonstrations in partnership with Bitterne Local History Museum. (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Southampton, September, 2019);
  • ‘Historic Southampton Bike Ride: Pedal Power, Protests and Extraordinary Women.’ Co-led a historic bike ride around Southampton in partnership with Cycling UK. (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Southampton, September, 2019);
  • ‘Strikes and Solidarity: 120 Years of People Power in Southampton’, guided walk around Southampton exploring the city’s militant past. (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Southampton, September, 2019);
  • ‘Meet The Shirley Crew of RMS Titanic‘, guided walk around Shirley, Southampton visiting locations connected with crew members who worked aboard RMS Titanic. (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Southampton, September, 2019);
  • ‘Dining at Downton Abbey: 1920’s Food Laid Bare’, public lecture, Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester. (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Winchester, September, 2019);
  • ‘Portland Street Southampton: A Hidden Georgian Architectural Gem’, guided walk around Portland Street, Southampton. (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Southampton, September, 2019);
  • ‘Behind-The-Scenes of 2 and 1/2 Portland Street, Southampton’, guided public tours of this historic, former bookshop. Co-hosting craftivism workshop. (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Southampton, September, 2019);
  • Insights Guest Lecturer, Queen Victoria (Cunard/Carnival Cruises) (V920 British Isles, August, 2019). Public lectures to 500+ guests on suffragettes, RMS Titanic and ocean liner stewardesses;
  • ‘Meet the Inhabitants of Portland Street, Southampton.’ (Portland Street Arts and Literature Festival, June 2019). Guided public walk;
  • Resident Social Historian, MuCollective, 2 and 1/2 Portland Street, Southampton  (2019);
  • HODx talks for National Trust Heritage Open Days scheme – ‘How to create an immersive heritage event’. (London, National Trust Head Office/Gloucester Guildhall, May, 2019);
  • ‘Tea with Lady Laura’ (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Winchester, September 2018). Hosted two, sell-out, immersive, living history events, in partnership with Winchester College. Recreating a suffragette tea-room, serving authentic dishes and giving back-to-back talks on topic;
  • ‘Extraordinary and Radical Women of Southampton City Centre: 1860s to Present Day.’ (National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, Southampton, September 2018). Guided public walk;
  • ‘Women’s Suffrage in Southampton: 1900-1914’. (Bitterne Local History Society, September 2018);
  • ‘History of the British goose at Christmas’ talk and cookery demonstration with Michelin Chef Adam Gray, (Taste of London Winter Festival, November 2014);
  • For The Fallen Film Challenge,  World War One inspired short films, (Ideas Test/HLF, Panel Judge alongside Sarah Phelps, Steve Nallon and BBC Executive Producer CBBC Josephine Ward, July 2014).
1. Blog Collage
Highlights from National Trust’s Heritage Open Days, 2018 and 2019.
  • IMG_20190821_203413
    On board Cunard’s Queen Victoria with fellow Guest Insight Lecturer, Phil Holt. August, 2019.


MB Docu screenshot
BBC South Today, documentary commemorating the 40th anniversary of the death of Lord Mountbatten, August, 2019. 

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Stills from BBC One, Inside Out South East‘s ‘The Sultan and The Showgirl’, 1930s set drama-documentary. October, 2015.
Stills from Inside Out (South East‘s) BBC One, ‘The Sultan and The Showgirl’, drama-documentary. October 2015.
Weekend Kitchen With Waitrose (Channel 4). Presenters Steve Jones, Lisa Snowdon and Angellica Bell during the ‘Stir-up Sunday’ heritage segment which I researched and also provided vintage cookery books from my collection.
Weekend Kitchen With Waitrose, Channel 4. Presenters Steve Jones, Lisa Snowdon and Angellica Bell present the ‘Stir-up Sunday’ heritage segment for which I provided research and a selection of my vintage cookery books.

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