How Much Do You Really Know About 20th Century Food Culture?


I love quizzes, everything from University Challenge to pub quizzes, always have done. I am a total geek for general knowledge. Whenever I see a interactive quiz posted anywhere on social media, I am straight in there like a rat up a drainpipe! It is clickbait that I totally approve of.

I have never created my own on-line quiz before, until now. I discovered this free (well, on the basic package which works absolutely fine), simple and mobile-friendly quiz creation tool by QZZR. If you love quizzes too why not design one yourself?

I will be creating many more quizzes using this package but the subject matter I chose for my first was 20th Century food culture, it would be rude of me not too! Hope you enjoy it. This quiz is tricky but fun. Let me know how you get on and also if there are any 20th Century topics you would like me to create a quiz for?


I look forward to hearing from you…


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