Life Update


It feels good to be blogging again after a short break. Mini life update. Earlier this Summer I had a serious accident*, nearly lost my foot (yikes!) after suffering multiple closed fractures and joint dislocation in my right ankle. There followed a rather dramatic dash to one hospital then another, a short spell in Resus so many drugs I swear I had a near-death experience and 9 days as an in-patient on the orthopaedic trauma ward (where I wasn’t even allowed to get out of bed to wash or eat my dinner).

This was my first ever stay in hospital in 43 years on this earth so I consider myself very lucky indeed. Despite the obvious background trauma/drama, I can honestly say it was a very positive experience. Hoorah for the NHS (and the Pet Therapy team, a daily snuggle with a selection of delightful canines saved my sanity I can tell you). Surgery fixed the extensive damage that had been done to both bones and ligaments and  I was then sent home with a walking frame, crutches, wheelchair and a commode (I know, don’t laugh, ‘my throne’ was actually a Godsend I can tell you;)). I also had to have daily injections for 7 weeks so I didn’t develop a DVT.

For those of you who are medically minded, I had syndesmotic screws/fixations inserted  in my ankle and the truly brilliant surgical team were thrilled to tell me that they had, “saved my foot”. For that I am truly grateful.  Luckily, the accident happened in the 21st Century, a hundred years ago at the very best I would have lost my foot, at worst I may have died from an infection/haemorrhage.

I spent the entire Summer bedridden and unable to sit for any length of time at my laptop. All the medication played havoc with my memory too so the chance of me producing any coherent content over the last few months has been absolutely zero. I did try, many, many times to teach myself to crochet from a 1970’s Ladybird book. Thought it might kickstart my poor brain. Sadly, with limited concentration, I never got beyond an initial chain. I will be revisiting my ‘project crochet’ in the not too distant future and promise to keep you posted on progress.

Looking on the bright side, I am now undertaking intensive physiotherapy at hospital. I currently wear an Aircast boot and still need crutches if I go outside my house. Fingers crossed I may be walking again, without too much pain or swelling, in the not too distant future:)  My lower right leg is oddly shaped and I am not sure how long that will take to rectify itself. I also have absolutely no idea when I will (if ever!) be able to wear some of my lovely vintage shoes again but these are First World Problems as I am sure you will agree.


*I tripped on a rug, yep, accidents do happen at home. A simple trip with catastrophic consequences:(

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